How Jersey Overseas Aid is funded

JOA’s budget is voted annually by the States of Jersey from tax-payer monies, as part of the Government Plan recommended by the Council of Ministers. 

Jersey Overseas Aid's budget

Since 2021 Jersey Overseas Aid’s budget has been formally tied to Jersey’s Gross Value Added (GVA), meaning it varies automatically and proportionately with the Island’s economic fortunes – if the economy shrinks, so does the amount of funding allocated to aid.

In 2022 JOA received 0.27% of GVA (£13.6 million) from the States of Jersey.

The OECD (The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, of which there are 38 member countries) average is 0.32%.

The United Nation’s (UN) target is 0.7%.


How do we make sure Jersey’s money makes a lasting difference?

Jersey Overseas Aid follows rigorous selection and monitoring processes to ensure that all funding reaches the intended recipients and that project goals are achieved, producing meaningful and sustainable change while delivering value for money.  This unwavering focus on the results of our aid provides accountability to the taxpayers of Jersey and aid beneficiaries as well as helping our partners to improve their programmes. We only work with carefully selected partners - charities, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and relief agencies – that have passed a rigorous screening process and we never give money to governments of any country.

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