Key Policies, Publications & Documents

For more information about Jersey Overseas Aid, our strategic approach and the impact of the work Jersey funds, please take a look through our policies, publications and documents below.

Annual reports

2022 Annual Report
PDF file, 13517KB
2021 Annual Report
PDF file, 8761KB
2020 Annual Report
PDF file, 10397KB
2019 Annual Report
PDF file, 10904KB
2018 Annual Report
PDF file, 6849KB
2017 Annual Report
PDF file, 6849KB
2016 Annual Report
PDF file, 4904KB
2015 Annual Report
PDF file, 2565KB

Five-year strategic plan

JOA Five-Year Strategic Plan 2022
PDF file, 2941KB

Get Involved

General Bursary Application Form
DOCX file, 164KB
Professional Bursary Application Form
DOCX file, 168KB
Get Involved Brochure
PDF file, 5350KB

International Development grants

JOA Grant Agreement Template
PDF file, 276KB
Conservation Lives And Livelihoods Strategy
PDF file, 581KB
Dairy For Development Strategy
PDF file, 807KB
Financial Inclusion Strategy
PDF file, 1004KB


Complaints Policy
PDF file, 236KB
Safeguarding Policy
PDF file, 479KB
Fraud Policy
PDF file, 292KB
Monitoring & Evaluation Policy
PDF file, 349KB

Jersey Charities

Jersey Charities Guidelines
PDF file, 560KB
Jersey Charities Application Form
Jersey Charities Application Form DOCX file, 173KB
Jersey Charities Financial Health Check
DOCX file, 176KB
Risk Assessment Template
DOCX file, 37KB
Useful Templates Logical Framework, Results Matrix, Implementation Plan, Budget, Financial Report
XLSX file, 42KB
Jersey Charities Reporting Form
DOCX file, 165KB

Visibility Guidelines

Visibility Guidelines
PDF file, 111KB

Media Assets

JOA Logo
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