Our Mission

To translate the generosity, skills and compassion of the people of Jersey into effective assistance for the world’s most vulnerable people.

In per-capita terms Jersey is one of the wealthiest places in the world, and we believe it is morally right to share some of our wealth and expertise to address poverty and suffering in countries much less fortunate than our own.

We also have an ethical obligation to target and manage our overseas aid as carefully as possible. If we don’t fund the best projects, or support only the highest-performing charities, we let down both those we should have helped and those whose money we should have used better. Jersey Overseas Aid bears a dual responsibility: to the world’s poorest and neediest people, and to Jersey’s citizens.

How will we achieve our Mission?

JOA will pursue four related general objectives, which will be achieved by realising 11 more-specific goals:
  • To promote sustainable economic and human development in some of the poorest countries in the world.

    • 1. Jersey-funded projects make a measurable and lasting contribution towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals
    • 2. Jersey-funded projects build the capacities of other actors to reduce poverty and suffering
  • To provide timely humanitarian assistance to victims of natural and manmade disasters.

    • 3. Jersey supports the emergency programming of the best international relief agencies
    • 4. Jersey supports the effective coordination and efficient operation of the international humanitarian system
  • To facilitate the efforts of individuals and organisations in Jersey to provide assistance to the world’s poor.

    • 5. JOA provides opportunities for Islanders to pursue projects and work (paid or voluntary) in international development
    • 6. JOA promotes understanding and disseminates knowledge in Jersey about international relief and development
    • 7. JOA builds the capacity and reputation of Jersey-based development-oriented organisations through close coordination and privileged partnerships
    • 8. JOA engages with Jersey Charities, regulators and donors to ensure charities follow high standards of good practice
  • To enhance Jersey’s international personality as a responsible global citizen and force for good in the world.

    • 9. JOA actively and positively engages with developing country governments, UN Agencies, charities and other donors
    • 10. Jersey’s aid programme is widely known and highly reputed
    • 11. JOA is engaged with public and private sectors, charities and individuals to develop and coordinate philanthropy on the Island

Download our five-year strategic plan

JOA’s strategic plan sets out how Jersey will maximise the impact of its overseas aid programme over the next five years. It is both a statement of intent and a framework for action: everything we do – every programme we support; every grant we make – is explained by and contributes towards the goals in this document.